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The Realization of Pure & Boundless Love, Awareness and Being
Threefold Enlightening
How Belief Free Spirituality works

Not any beliefs to adopt. There is no need to believe anything here. With Threefold Enlightening  realization blooms whether you believe in it or not. Read more.
Does Universal Spiritual Realization Exist?

Buddhism, Christianity, the Yogas, Advaita (Non-duality), Hinduism, Taoism and other traditions all contain three core elements. See: A Universal Spirituality 
Living It - Profound Tragedy to Causeless Fulfillment: Ajnanda's Story
After becoming an orphan at 11 and experiencing further traumas years on, Ajnanda Shon took his first steps on a 30 year quest to resolve his many inner issues and emotional pain. Read more.
Threefold Enlightening
The Three Main Layers of the Human Brain

Threefold Enlightening is reflected in the brain's three-story structure. Read more
Love's Light Inspiring

Threefold Enlightening has dawned for people and inspired them to express themselves.
Looking at the infinite ray of Consciousness
Listening to the boundless silence of Being, 
Feeling the causeless bliss of Love.

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The Uplifting Effect on People's Lives?

  • Through the Endless Nights of Pain and Exhaustion: Simmone's Story.
  • The Bleakness & Joy: Elizabeth's Story.
  • Being Beyond: Emily's Story. 
To read their stories.
What is Threefold Enlightening?

Like a tripod that needs three legs to work, spirituality needs the realization of boundless Love, Awareness & Being to be stable and holistic. Awareness, the sky of spacious perception,  Love, the food of life purpose and Being, rooted in the Earth.
The Threefold Enlightening Community

This is a growing body of people from all social, economic and spiritual backgrounds who share a serious interest and / or realization of boundless Love, Awareness and Being. 
See: The Threefold Enlightening Community
The Book on Threefold Enlightening

We have released a book describing the wonders called:

Threefold Enlightening
Realizing the Universal Spirituality of the Ages. 

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